Custom solutions for union-driven environments.

A 1200 life school district was facing a 31 percent insurance plan premium renewal cost in 2002. With the pocketbook of its community’s tax payers of significant concern, as well as a need to uphold benefits established under collectively bargained agreements, the District required a unique solution. After a successful self-funded transition, the District was able to maintain an affordable health and dental benefit plan without compromising on the custom benefits that its employees had negotiated. Eleven years later, with its original core benefit structure still in place; the District has saved over $5.6 million dollars with its self-funded benefit solution.

Over two decades of benefit solution success.

In the late 1990s, a large school district consortium (the Consortium) was looking for validation from its consulting team that its current health benefit plan and third party administrator (TPA) were properly aligned to offer its nearly 11,000 plan members a comprehensive, affordable, and modern health plan. After a thorough request for proposal (RFP) process vetted a variety of plan administration options, the Consortium identified POMCO as the strategic benefits administration partner that could modernize its self-funded benefit plan in an affordable and customizable manner. POMCO has been helping to guide the Consortium’s benefit plan and provider network strategy for almost two decades, and the financial results have more than justified the original transition decision with a savings of $21 million over a four year period.

Winning business through proper plan management and excellent service.

A mid-sized, privately owned rehabilitation center was concerned that its TPA was not accurately processing claims associated with its employee health benefit plan. Compounded by service frustrations and limited reporting capabilities, the group worked with its broker to complete a formal RFP process. The RFP compared the services and estimated claim and administrative service costs of the organization’s current TPA to several other regional administrators and insurance carriers offering self-funded plan options. The decision was made to transition to POMCO. One year later, the plan was under budget, a claims audit proved 100 percent benefit plan compliance, and members and the management team were finally satisfied with their service.