Join the movement.

As more and more employer groups seek options to rising health care costs, more of your patients will be presenting member identification cards that have the POMCO logo on them. Joining the POMCO network doesn’t just give you an enhanced ability to serve the needs of your patients, it allows you to reap the benefits of our more than 30 years of provider services expertise.

Why are more members presenting the POMCO ID card?

POMCO is one of the nation’s largest administrators of self-funded health plans. Employer groups who desire customized health plans that allow them to pay for costs as they occur, have chosen self-funded health plans as an option. In addition, escalating health care costs and Affordable Care Act regulations have made self-funding even more attractive to employer groups. Therefore, employer groups that choose to self-fund are seeking experts in benefits administration, such as POMCO.

Why should I join the POMCO network?

No health plan is effective without a network of the physicians and facilities that are most frequented by the employer group’s covered members. Therefore, we have spent over 30 years developing a proprietary network of regional and national physicians and facilities. With an emphasis on provider service, we boast a multitude of providers that have access to each of our clients, which have an average size of 1400 plan enrollees.

Contrary to participation in a carrier network where negotiated rates support the carrier, as a POMCO participating provider your negotiated rates support the employer groups in the communities you serve.