POMCO Group Designated as Blue Ribbon Recycler OCRRA Award Marks Two Years of POMCO Group’s “Green” Initiative

August 23, 2012 – POMCO Group has been designated by the Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency (OCRRA) as a Blue Ribbon Recycler.  The distinction is awarded to local businesses that demonstrate environmental leadership when it comes to recycling and waste reduction.  POMCO Group recently completed its second year of emphasizing green initiatives through a formalized corporate sustainability program.

POMCO Group’s formal corporate sustainability program grew from a company initiative that promoted the use of electronic communication methods over paper to its clients.   “We wanted to ensure that we were reflecting the same values and commitment to our community that we were asking our clients to embody,” states POMCO Group Account Manager Jessica Marabella.  Marabella identified POMCO Group’s current green initiatives and formed an internal committee to identify additional opportunities to improve the company’s environmental impact.

Since POMCO Group formalized its corporate sustainability program and began tracking its results in 2010, they have attributed $10,000 to its green efforts.  Specific green initiatives include: plastic, glass and paper recycling; enhanced printer settings that reduce paper usage; issuing reusable mugs to all employees; eliminating disposable cups, forks and spoons; employee training sessions on reducing waste at work; tips for reducing energy consumption; a neighborhood electronic waste recycling event; onsite battery and fluorescent light bulb recycling units and; participation in an annual neighborhood clean-up day.  The 2011 results are: 10,640 gallons of cans, glass and plastic recycled; $10,000 decrease in costs to purchase printer paper; the equivalent of 1,110 trees saved by recycling 465 [95 gallon] shredding bins and; 9, 607 lbs. of items collected at the electronic recycling event.

Based on POMCO Group’s submitted application to OCRRA outlining its green recycling and waste reduction initiatives, and an on-site visit from a representative from OCRRA, it has become the latest distinguished company certified as a 2012 Blue Ribbon Recycler.  “While many organizations are making efforts to be environmentally responsible, few are as dedicated as POMCO Group which has implemented additional green measures that go above and beyond the basic required criteria necessary to become an OCRRA Blue Ribbon Recycler.  POMCO Group’s green efforts at their Syracuse headquarters are continuous and are steeped in their commitment to the communities they serve,” states OCRRA Recycling Specialist Dave Nettle.

For more information about POMCO Group’s Corporate Sustainability Program or for tips on how to make your company more sustainable, please visit www.POMCOGroup.com.

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