POMCO Earns Top 50 Call Center Award from BenchmarkPortal

POMCO has been ranked among the 2015 top 50 call centers in North America, as awarded by BenchmarkPortal, the global leader in call center certification. The competition compares the performance of customer service call centers throughout North America by evaluating their key metrics against industry peers. Entries are all validated by certified call center experts, and the resulting submissions are scored on the basis of both quality and cost efficiency.

“BenchmarkPortal’s ranking of the top call centers is based entirely on a statistical comparison to the world’s largest and most respected database of call center metrics,” said POMCO Chief Operating Officer Jeff Winchell. “We pride ourselves on achieving the highest possible metrics for customer service satisfaction, and being recognized for excellence among some of the nation’s largest call centers is a distinction that we are pleased to have earned.”

In 2013 POMCO previously ranked among the top 100 of BenchmarkPortal’s annual call center rankings

As part of its goal to ensure continual member service satisfaction, POMCO monitors the quality of its call center performance by offering a brief, voluntary satisfaction survey at the conclusion of every member and provider service call. The survey obtains quantitative and qualitative satisfaction data to monitor its success at meeting its primary goal of ensuring first call resolution for all callers. POMCO has earned an average overall member service satisfaction score of 4.8 out of a possible 5.0.

“We are proud of the results of our internal satisfaction surveys, and ranking in the top 50 of BenchmarkPortal’s award is further validation that we are meeting our goals of providing the highest quality service,” said Winchell.

According to BenchmarkPortal, recipients of the Top 100 Award have demonstrated, on an objective basis, that they provide superior service and financial performance as compared with its overall database.