Customized plans for every need.

Our medical, dental, and vision plans are customized to meet every unique need. Our breadth of clients including but not limited to private sector, municipalities, school districts, health insurance carriers, provider systems, and Taft-Hartleys have provided us with expertise in plan customizations. In addition, our plans are designed to be flexible, with the ability to evolve as the organization’s needs evolve.

A proprietary network and national PPO access.

We are one of the few benefits administrators to have our own provider network that includes over 80,000 physicians and healthcare facilities. In addition, we have partnerships with some of the largest, most powerful networks in the nation equaling over 700,000 and a level of network management expertise that is unparalleled in the industry.

A strategy for cost-mitigation.

Our holistic cost-mitigation strategy begins with network access and discounts but also emphasizes the importance of proper plan management. From analyzing plan performance across medical, dental, and vision to evaluating the value-on-investment for population health management investments, our account management team ensures that plans are performing optimally and identify all cost-drivers to determine opportunities to mitigate risk.