Service starts with community.

POMCO is dedicated to the communities it serves and is proud to offer support in a variety of ways. We align ourselves with organizations and events that: emphasize community-building; support the uplifting of children; and promote the importance of education. We take great pride in offering our time, energy, and resources so we can help to make a difference locally and globally. For more information regarding all of our community outreach efforts, please visit our Company News page.

Community starts within.

Our community outreach begins within the walls of the company and centers on our employees.  Whether it’s our environment, individual wellness, or charitable giving, we support our employees’ efforts:

Green Team

The POMCO Green Team leads POMCO’s corporate sustainability initiatives. Dedicated to helping POMCO to reduce its carbon footprint, the Green Team was formed in 2010 and focuses on promoting and enabling sustainable practices for POMCO’s employees, client and vendor partners, and the community.


The POMGo! wellness initiative is dedicated to helping employees and their families to lead healthy lifestyles. POMGo! provides educational materials, coordinates wellness events and fitness classes, and plans and leads team wellness activities and fitness challenges such as Zumba, weight-loss challenges, and meditation classes.  In addition POMGo! encourages participation in external wellness events.

Give Back.

The POMCO Employee Give Back Program was formed to actively support not only the community, but those charitable employees who are actively making a difference in the community, each and every day. Employees who volunteer or financially contribute to a charitable organization are encouraged to nominate their charity to be the recipient of a quarterly $1500 donation from POMCO.

Sponsorship and donation requests

POMCO responds to requests for community and charitable initiatives such as local school programs, boys and girls clubs, food banks, and other community-based initiatives. To submit a request for a sponsorship or donation, please send an email here and include the following information (when applicable):

  • Requesting organization’s Name
  • Requesting organization’s mission statement
  • Program name
  • Program goal(s)
  • Program date
  • Target audience
  • Expected number of participants
  • Program promotions
  • Requested contribution amount

All requests will be reviewed and decisions will be based upon the organization’s promotion of community-building and the uplifting of children and education, along with the criteria above. Requests will be responded to within two weeks of submission via email.